Vinyl Fence Material

Expect nothing less than a stunning, vinyl fence or gate to enhance your property.
Beautify and protect your property investment with a secure, life-long, vinyl fence warranty.




So Cal Fences offers high-quality lifetime warranty vinyl products. WE do not carry generic material that you can purchase at the chain stores.Showroom Available by Appointment only!

Come see our new showroom with all the latest styles of Vinyl Fencing.

We have over 45 years of fencing portfolio. If you need help with your fence material, deciding on a certian product, or have questions about your project, we would love to help you.




WE do not require a mininuim amount of purchase. We welcome you if you’re a general contractor or a DIY individual. SoCal Fences makes it easy for you to buy with us. It’s streamless.  We are here for you, one on one personal service and knowledge that the  chains don’t have. We provide all the vinyl fence options you need to build your fence.  Get the right product and a great price.





Our material is very strong and our gates are very strong and we use stainless steel hinges and latches that will never rust or fall apart one commercial grade stainless steel USA made hundred percent guaranteed inner gates will not sag and guaranteed!!